“Good” Morning

I hate “those” mornings.

I was woken up by my boobs this morning. Or rather 1 boob. There was surging pain with the smallest of movements. Very confused as to why it was this bad, as it NEVER had been this painful before. I had to wake the Hubby to change Parkers diaper for fear of exploding if I moved too much. So I get Parker situated still wondering why I was so rock hard and wanting to cry.

Then it hits me…

Having last nursed on that side about 8pm last night, and having forgotten to pump before bed, it had been almost 10 hours! Ouch.

Once Parker had finished I laid him on our bed to go and gather his (as I fondly call it) booger sucker. He has been one congested little man for the past week. While I’m stumbling along in the dark it attempts to locate the said booger sucker I hear P go into a coughing fit. As I rush back to try and sit him up-right I find that he has spit up. (rather he coughed so hard he puke all over the sheets.) Wonderful. I guess I’ll be starting my day early today.

After I put Parker back down I head out of the bedroom to ‘fix’ the other side of me only to find that I failed to was any of my pump parts last night. ::Sigh::

Although I don’t consider this to be a horrible morning because I have had so much worse in the past. I just hate it when it is one annoyance after another.


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