Dont bite the “hand” that feeds you…

Biting. (I’ll say for any family or friends that don’t want to hear about my boobs… “thanks for stopping by but you may want to make a quick exit”)

When I was pregnant with P, I wanted to breastfeed. I was absolutely determined to do it and I wasn’t going to give up come hell or high water. I was very lucky though and had a very easy time with it. I’m not sure if it is because I was expecting it to be unbearably painful and difficult that when it wasn’t those things, it seemed easy… or if I really did have an easy time. Either way, we have gotten along for 8 months now with very few issues.

Once P was born, I decided that I wanted to breastfeed to his 1st birthday. Now that we have come so far and we are getting so close to that goal, I just feel like a failure for even considering weaning. But he keeps BITING ME! I want my nipples when this is all said and done. The girls are only on loan, and I didn’t collect a security deposit. The hubby would be quite upset if I lost one.

How do you deal with this? I want to continue breastfeeding, I have made it this far and I want to reach my goal. How do I stop him from biting so it can still be a relaxing and comforting experience for both of us?


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