McFatty Monday… Kinda

So, I’m not giving up. I’m kinda taking a break. Or, well I have been. I don’t seem to be alone in my feelings though. The ladies at Heir to Blair & It’s Just Me… Heidi-D seem to have hit the same kind of wall that I have.

I had a plan of getting up this morning, weighing myself and then pounding out a great McFatty post. That was the plan. Get up… Check. Weigh myself… um… I tried. I really did. I was expecting the worse. So when I got on the scale and it said I was down 5 lbs, I was all, NOFREAKINGWAY! So I reset my scale and jumped back on. Only for it to say that I was up 15lbs. uh… And this continued for  about 5 minutes. Up and down, up and down. All I wanted was the same number twice so I could call that my weight. But then while standing buckassnaked in the bathroom and with Parker giving me the “WTF Mom?” look while playing with my toes, I gave up. 

So I have no weight to report. My best guess is that I have gained. I have been eating whatever, whenever I want and I haven’t really cared. I’ve been too busy trying to find some kind of organization in our new house and keeping up with the daily stuff. Which has been a totally fail.  My desk is a mess, I haven’t balanced the checkbook in over a week, I still can’t park in the garage, I have boxes stacked in corners, and I have a ton more things on my to-do list that just haven’t gotten done. Oh, and I have a birthday to plan!! I’m really excited but I can’t believe it is here already. I know, every parent says that but it is SO TRUE! 

It will all get done and I’ll get back on track with the McFatty plan. I just might need a couple more weeks. Time for this house to start to feel like home. 

And just an FYI: Halloween Oreo’s are a medically proven stress reliever. I’m quite sure of it. 😉


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