How I’ve spent my Sunday.

Sunday’s in the fall are ment for football. Viking’s Football to be exact. I’m the football fan in our little family and I’m desparatly trying to brainwash my child into joining me so I’m not alone. The Hubby will watch, but doesn’t really care one way or the other. As he is working today and Parker’s nap just so happened to fall during game time, I was on my own. So I started texting the Hubby…

Lacey: Game fucking sucks. Hoover style.

Hubby: Wow. It must be bad with you swearing.

Lacey: 14-0. Fucking ZERO! 6:25 left in the 3rd. ::shakes head & stomps to kitchen to drowned sorrows in burritos due to lack of beer:: grrr.

Hubby: Lmao!!! Oh that hilarious.

Lacey: I have my moments.

Lacey: at least the burritos are good…

Hubby: I’ll try to keep more beer on hand so the burritos don’t have to suffer.

Lacey: Good thinking.

Lacey: Oh, and speaking of… How dare liquor stores be closed on Sundays during football season. There should be an exception to the rules. Churches will change their service times to accommodate football season…

Hubby: There are “on sale” places.

Lacey: Ya but I can’t bring my recliner there. I’m guessing they would frown on that.

Hubby: Especially if you asked for help bringing it in.

Lacey: We could totally start a sports bar and name it B.Y.O.R. (bring your own recliner)

Hubby: Lol. Need some extra wide doors for that.

Lacey: but you would have to have one of those driveable chairs. Which we could sell in the back. Genius.

Lacey: or a rascal

Hubby: Ha ha. I like the rascal idea. Don’t need waitresses then. They can just put their order in the basket.

Lacey: Exactly! Now your thinking.

Hubby: I’m with ya.

Lacey: Another interception???????? Eff.

Lacey: and we get it back!!

Lacey: 5:00 left in the 4th… I might puke.

Hubby: What’s the score?

Lacey: 14-10 Miami

Lacey: Oh my god we might actually do this… GOOOOOOOOO. Run motherfucker run!!!!!

Hubby: Wow.

Lacey: Didn’t make it. Just short of the goal and the ball goes back to Miami.

Hubby: Damn.

Lacey: Two minute warning…

Lacey: We have the ball back. 1:42 left. Come on Grandpa!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

Lacey: ::pause:: kid’s awake.

Hubby: were you yelling? lol

Lacey: There may have been some stomping…

Hubby: he he he

Lacey: And we lost…

Damn. I thought for just a second there that we were going to do it. :sigh:: I guess there is always next week.


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