I’m ready… Back in the (McFatty Monday) saddle again…

So after many, many, MANY, weeks off of the McFatty wagon, I’m getting back on. I’m ready to re-commit.

We are pretty much settled into our new house. (There are no pictures on our walls yet… eh, it could be worse.) Our routines have been adjusted do to the new longer commute. And to be clear, I’m not complaining. Even with a  commute that is double what it used to be, it is still only 30 minutes and that is with chatting with my Daycare Mom for a few. Gotta love “small” towns. None the less, it was still something that took a little time to adjust to.

THE birthday party is done and over with and I am now that proud momma of a 1-year-old. (OMG, the cake… mmmm…. how I love cake.) Things are finding their places and I’m finding where those places are. My life/mind has seemed to of slowed down a bit so there is a little more time to refocus on me. Which I NEED to do for my heath.

Most importantly though, I FEEL ready. Ready to get back to working out and making it a priority. Ready to re-commit to caring about what I eat, and how much of it. Ready to face the weight I have gained through all of this stress that is buying a house/moving. Ready to hold myself accountable again with McFatty Mondays. I’m Ready.

To start this re-commitment off right, I’m coming clean. Coming clean with my ::gasp:: REAL NUMBERS. Yes, my real weight, on the interwebs for all the world to see. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how much I want to tell myself that I “hide it well” and I really look like I’m 125 lbs, it’s totally not true, and never will be. People can see my jiggly butt, despite my best efforts to hide it. I accept that. Oh, and I’m getting far to effing lazy to keep having to go back to my last McFatty post so I can figure out what my last weight was and then do the math.  

SO. Here are ALL of my numbers… 

Pre-pregnancy weight: 218 lbs

Delivery Day weight: 246 lbs

Total baby weight: 28 lbs

First day home from hospital: 242 lbs (I know, who the eff gets on the scale right after that kind of trauma to their lady bits… apparently me. But, my kid was 10 lbs 3 oz, so I figure was pumped with at least 15 lbs of fluid. CLEARLY, that is the only thing that makes any sense)

Post baby weight: 220 lbs (this is the number that I use as my starting weight and configure my weight loss from there)

Weight from last McFatty post that had a weight: 189.8lbs

My weight today: 191.6 (so I’ve gained 1.8 lbs in my weeks off of McFatty, and knowing what I’ve been eating… that is, I hate to say this, but NOT BAD! Cause I have been all “super size that and I’ll take a side of mayo, with a real coke” Ya, Ick.)

Total weight loss: 28.4 lbs

 Oh, and pants size just for fun: 14! Sorry, I’m super proud of that because it has been a loooong ass time since I have shopped for that size as I started at 18/20 🙂 ::Happy Dance::

Goals this week:

*No “fast food”

*4 workouts

*Serious increase in my daily water intake

I’m Ready.


6 thoughts on “I’m ready… Back in the (McFatty Monday) saddle again…

  1. thats great! I have 3 kids and am 26 and I think I am done with the baby part for a while so I am trying to get from 219-150 ish….I too started at a 16/18 I am a 16 now but its progress! I got to 189 between kid 2 and 3 and it felt great to say 14! Keep it up I am sure you will lose tons in no time 🙂

    • My ultimate goal weight is 155. I don’t know if I’ll make it before I get KTFU again but I’m going to try! Looking at losing that much weight can be soooo overwhelming. Set small goals and we’ll do it together!!
      My first small goal: 170, thats what my drivers license says. 😉

  2. It’s definitely easier to do all of this when you have your routine set and things aren’t so crazy! Eating well and exercising is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about moving, new jobs, party planning, etc! So, now you can focus on this and add this to your new routine!
    Good luck! And congrats on the 14, I know how that feels!

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