McFatty… Week 9

McFatty Monday is here again… and OMG did that come fast.

So last week I was all “I’m so ready to do this… I’m going to work my ass off this week and totally lose 5 lbs Biggest Loser style!” um… ya, TOTAL FAIL.

Reasons (aka: my excuses, because I know that is what they are) as to why I failed.

A fantastic three-day weekend with my husband. Which by the way never, ever, ever happens. Up until Friday I had done really great with what I was eating. I was packing really good lunches, skipping the cheese and loading up with veggies on my sandwiches and such. Bringing lots of fruit and veggies to snack on all day so I didn’t come home starving and try to eat everything in my fridge… what? like you have never done that?

But then on Friday, we were out getting some shopping done and grabbed some burgers and curly fries. There goes goal number one…

Saturday, my sister agreed to take Parker for us so we could have a much-needed date that consisted of an early dinner and a movie. (btw, RED is hilarious) Dinner, I hate to say was “no-holds-bar” (I took pictures but they are some how stuck on my iPhone) So between the chimichanangs smothered in cheese sauce, my two raspberry margaritas and churros for dessert, I’m quite sure I ate my caloric intake for a week.

Then, of course, it was Halloween. I’m sure you have caught on that we just bought our first home and moved a couple of months ago (if you didn’t know that… well, now you do) so I hadn’t a clue of what to expect as far as “trick o’ treaters”. Being new to the neighborhood I really didn’t want to be the douchey lady who doesn’t bother to buy candy and sits in her house with all the lights off hoping no one dares to knock on the door… So I stocked up, “just in case.”

We bought the candy on Friday knowing some of it would get snagged before the big day. I tried to wait so I wouldn’t have much time to do said snagging. And wouldn’t you know it, we didn’t get a single “trick o’ treater”.  So now I have a HUGE bowl of candy left. Grrr. I think next year I’ll skip buying candy and be that douchey lady who sits in the dark.

As for my workouts… I tried. I really did. This week at work just kicked my ass and the twice I did get onto the damn elliptical, it took everything I had to get twenty minutes in. Ug.

This week I’m ready to go. It’s a new week and time to do things “Biggest Loser  style!”

Weight: 191.6 <— no change, I guess that is better than + lbs


2 thoughts on “McFatty… Week 9

  1. You didn’t gain! & that’s huge!

    We are in the SAME BOAT with the candy situation. The last 2 years, we’ve run out & had to turn out the lights. This year? We got maybe 15 kids.

    I think you’ll do great this week!

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