Look what I’ve found!

I just found the wordpress app! I’m freaking excited about it if you couldn’t tell. How the heck didn’t I know about this?!?

You need to understand that I’m lazy. Like, really lazy. Sitting at the computer is too much work so I have lots of potential posts that go un-posted. & if I’m not being really lazy, I’m too freaking busy.

This. Is. Fantastic.

I can find pictures that my iPhone has eaten without having to deal with uploading/transferring/downloading/effing around with them.

::happy dance::

See… This one is from forever ago that always makes me giggle…

Bwahahaha! Love it!

Oh, and once I’m one of the cool kids with an iPhone 4 I’ll be able to upload video too.

Note to self: write Santa and remind him that I have been a VERY good girl this year…

Happy weekend everyone!


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