“D.I.Y.ing” can be dangerous aka I’m a dumbass

The hubby likes to tell people I LIVED on the DIY Network for 4 months while we where looking at/buying our home. And, that it scared the shit out of him. (hehe)

After so many hours watching stupid people screw up their homes so the sexy professionals can step in and fix it, unfortunately makes you start to think that you too can “DIY”.

Now, I have only painted 2 rooms since moving in. Parker’s, and the bathroom.

I have suffered a total to 2 injuries so far. (Just incase you’re not really sure, a 2:2 ratio is BAD. And I’ve only been PAINTING. They were both because I was being stupid. Totally my fault as 99% of DIY injuries are.

My first dumbass moment was in Parker’s room. I was painting around an electrical socket and was going too fast (1st mistake) with a roller (2nd mistake) when I slipped and painted one of the electrical socket hole things (technical, I know). I then immediately take my finger (which has paint on it) and try to “wipe out” the hole. (dumbass moment) Did you know that paint is a FANFREAKINGTASTIC conductor? No? Well I can assure you that IT IS.

Then, just to add another nail in the coffin of me ever being “Mommy of the year”, the next day, I was doing a few quick touch-ups when I hear this… blood curdling OH MY GOD I’M DYING scream from Parker who apparently had crawled into the room, and… yep. You guessed it. Just like mom. Now, I had no idea that he had come into the room and the electrical socket covers were still off, but he is fine. More scared than anything. (Me too)

My 2nd injury was while I was removing wallpaper. Oh, can I just take a moment to give a big fat effing THANK YOU to the person that decided that just about every room in this house needed wallpaper. Ya, Thanks. All I can say is that I am really happy it is only boarders and not the whole wall.

I, not having removed wallpaper before, jumped onto www.diynetwork.com and they told me the “best” ways to remove wallpaper. There where a few different options but steam seemed to be the one that would work the best. I, being the cheap and lazy person that I am decided that renting a wallpaper steamer was out. So, I head to the kitchen to get my electric teapot. And guess what… it works like a dream. Except for one tiny little thing, the cord on the teapot is like 2 ft long. (can you see where this is going?)

Of course I was being my uncoordinated self with a 2 ft long corded electric teapot that was spewing steam all over, (GREAT idea, I know) I end up scalding the hell out of my hand. (dumbass moment) After that, I decided to stop being lazy for a minute and go dig out the extension cord.

With the first two projects done and many, Many, MANY more to go, I’m sure I’ll have many more dumbass moments to report.


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