McFatty week 11

Last week I was looking for something new to do as far as exercise. I did get several good suggestions, and I found myself walking through the exercise department to just to “see” what they had.

I found this. Dancing with the stars: Latin cardio dance

Now I LOVE dancing with the stars and thought it might be fun. So when I got home, I put Parker down for his nap and popped the disk in. I have to say, I felt really dumb. And thank God I was ALONE. I had thought that I would be able to keep up, but I found myself not being able to keep a beat to save my life. Legs and arms were going everywhere, and I’m POSITIVE, I looked nothing like the skanky cute dancers on the video. But when the hour was over I was sweating, out of breath, my legs where shaking and I couldn’t believe that the hour had gone by that fast. And I couldn’t really walk for the next two days.

I guess it did its job. Even if I did feel like a dumbass the whole time.

This week I got 3 hours of exercise in. A combination of my new dvd and my old favorite, my elliptical. (I really need to come up with a name for her, OTHER than Bitch. Which is what she is currently referred to as)

Short post this week folks, but here are my stats:

This weeks weight: 189.4 lbs (YES! I’m in the 180’s)

Weeks loss: 1lb

Total weight lost: 30.6 lbs


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