McFatty week 12

My week was kinda like Blairs. I pretty much did jack shit too. I guess it was just one of those weeks. I did get a couple of workouts in this week though.

Thanks to Biggest Loser, I did get 45 min in on the elliptical on Tuesday.  I just can’t seem to watch that show without working out. I feel to guility. It’s a good thing though, cause then I know I’ll get at least one workout in a week.

Oh, and The Hubby totally tried the DWTS latin cardio DVD with me. His choice, not mine. I voted for Biggest Loser Yoga (are you seeing a theme in my life? Yes, I watch too much tv) But, it really was the funniest thing I had ever seen him do… sadly he said I could only put it on YouTube if I too was in the video, and since I’m not willing to go there, I don’t get to share the hilarity of it all.

I did to try to focus more on what I was eating this week which is really the only reason that I can come up with as to why I actually lost weight. 

A couple of weeks ago I got a few of these books…

They are total eye openers in regards to what you are eating. It’s not that everything on the “Eat this” side is good for you, it just means that it is the lesser of the two evils. There are also a TON of “OMG, REALLY?” facts in there. ie:

*Twix is voted the worst candy as “it has the saturated fat equivalent of: 11 strips of Bacon.” –I would rather eat bacon, and this is the one little fact that made The Hubby really sad.

*Arby’s Melt (roast beef & cheddar) only has 298 calories and 12g. vs. their Market Fresh Roast Turkey and Swiss which has 710 cal & 30 g. of fat. – I was thrilled to find this out, as I LOVE their roast beef…. mmm….

*Voted the “Worst Chicken entrée” Dairy Queen Chicken strip basket (6 piece with Gravy) 1640 cal & 74 g of fat.

You get the idea. Most of us really have no idea what we are eating, and these books really help point out things we have a hard time admitting, or just avoid knowing.

A good go-to brand when you’re not really sure… Kashi. They are always on the “Eat this” side. Plus everything I have tried of theirs is fantastic.

Stats for this week:

Weight-in: 187.2 lbs

Weeks loss: 2.2 (Woot woot!)

Total wight lost: 32.8


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