Parker has decided…

Parker has decided that…

-no towel shall ever be hung up. Anywhere, for any length of time.

-everything needs to be “sound tested” with a drum stick on a daily basis. Including the dog.

-Mom’s “Tupperware” and pots and pans are much easier to locate if they are strewn across the floor.

-Tv remotes should always be stored in the toilet.

-if his diaper is removed, his penis is going to fall off.

-bathwater is not for washing, but for drinking.

-Mom/Dad’s coffee cup is in-fact, THE HOLY GRAIL.

-the bathroom is the best/coolest/most awesome place in the whole house.

-coffee tables are for sitting. NOT for holding sippy cups.

-stomping is the best way to convey any emotion. Whether it be excitement, anger, dislike, joy…

-couches are for standing/jumping NOT sitting.

-English is far too difficult and he will be making up his own language.

-since he likes to chew on his blanket, everyone must want to also.

-trying to bite Mom’s butt is the BEST way to get her attention.


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