McFatty… um, Wednesday?

So, I never got around to checking in on Monday. Obviously. I had planned to post on Monday morning after P went down for his nap. BUT after Blair checked in and well, check out for this weeks McFatty post, I kinda thought I was going to also. Mainly because along with having no motivation to write, or work out I didn’t feel like I had anything to say that anyone would actually want to read. But with the Biggest Loser finally last night and my constant confusion with my own body, I’m here.

SO. Lets talk Biggest Loser. When I was thinking about posting, I was going to be all “boo the end of Biggest Loser!!” I hate when the show ends. Because in all honesty, it keeps me motivated.(Cheesy, I know.) I LOVE weight loss stories though, and especially ones that come back every week. 🙂 It’s a reminder that I’m not in this whole thing alone. That other people are out there doing it too.

Back to the whole me booing the end of the season thing… after last nights show, I guess I really don’t get to do any “booing” It starts back in 3 weeks! Right after I’m back to GAME ON 2011! Which is awesome. So I can’t be too disappointed. If it were up to me though, there would be a Biggest Loser channel that would play nothing but Biggest Loser 24/7. I would so do my happy dance over that.

Now, as for my confusing body…

I’m not really sure what to make of it. I have been… whats the best way to put this… nope, can’t think of anything better than, REALLY EFFING LAZY.

I have. No exaggeration. 

Example, during nap time, sitting at the computer was too much work. So was unloading The Hubby’s laptop so I could remain in my chair and blog. Another reason there was no post on Monday.   

On top of my extreme laziness whenever I could manage it, I haven’t come close to watching what I’ve been eating.

Yet somehow, I’m down 2.8lbs from last post. 


Ya, I don’t get it either. But at least I’m sticking to my goal of keeping it under 190 through the holidays. Just because I’m confused as hell over the whole thing doesn’t mean I’m not ecstatic! Maybe this is my body getting over this whole “plateau thing” which would really rock.

So how about everyone else? 

Anyone got a weight loss story? I’d love to hear how far you have come and how far you have left to go.

Weight: 186 lbs

This weeks loss: 2.8 lbs

Total loss: 34 lbs


I'd love to hear what you think!

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