Buisness In The Front & Party In The Back

I’ve been meaning to post this for oh… about a month now and I like everything else, just hadn’t gotten around to it. BUT, the pictures are really cute and I just can’t not share.

We finally did what every parent mother dreads doing. The first hair cut. I’m not really sure why I made such a big deal over not cutting his hair. He didn’t/doesn’t have any curls that I was worried about losing. His hair had filled in quite well so it’s not like I was worried he would look totally bald or anything. 

Plus, he did in fact have the exact definition of a Mullet. Although some people think they can pull it off, I didn’t want my child to ever start thinking like that. Even once he gets older and has an oppinion about his hair, if he tries to grow one, I will so shave his head in his sleep. Unless he becomes a defensive end for the Viking, like Jared Allen. (who sadly said good-bye to his rockin’ mullet earlier this year for his wedding) Parker’s mullet wasn’t even a cute baby mullet. No, this was like you took Joe Dirt’s mullet and put it on my kids head.

Ok, so maybe not that bad, but still.

I guess it was so hard because it is just one of the many things that reminds me that my first-born is no long a baby. But a toddler. And will far too quickly be a man. (I’d still shave his head faster than a fat man’s back hair, grown man or not)

So, I finally set up an appointment with the person who does my hair because well, we love him. He is fantastic and funny and if I was going to have an emotional break down it may as well be in front of someone I know.

With sucker in hand, we figured it would be easiest if I were to sit with him on my lap and just have Chris go to town.

The sucker was a great idea, even if he was just eating most of his hair.

"what's up Daddy?"

"Oh, please don't move... please don't move... please don't move..."

He was such a trooper. As a bonus, his hair covered sucker, although gross, did the trick in the distraction department.

"Dad, tell Mom to stop freaking out. I've got this."

Now, as a parent, I totally reserve the right to style my kid’s hair as I see fit. Well, at least that is what I tell myself. 😀

So yes, he got a faux hawk.

Thanks Chris!


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