Merry Cookies & A Happy New Year!

Meh. Just. Meh. I’m just not motivate to write about weight I’m NOT losing. It’s just depressing. I went back and figured it out. I have only lost 5.6 lbs in 16 weeks. That is bad. Really, really bad.

Now, I’m not trying to lose weight these last couple weeks of this year, because, obviously. It’s cookie season. I just can’t handle trying to lose weight during cookie season. The holidays are stressful enough without adding cookie deprivation to it. So, I’m sticking to my goal of keeping my weight under 190 for the rest of this year, and enjoying every cookie I’m eating.

But, I am kinda getting excited to kick off 2011 though. I can feel my body getting very unhappy with me for not working out. THAT is the biggest motivator to get back on track. I hate that I can hardly move in the mornings and I have zero energy. I sleep like crap. I’m crabby. I have the tendency to make poor food choices, and I just feel lazy. I’m sick of feeling lazy. Feeling like Super Mom, is a much better feeling to have.

Working out fixes all of those things. Plus I love the endorphins and the accomplished feeling I get after a great sweat session. I also just snagged a couple of 3 lb weights for when I’m on the elliptical. I’m excited to put them to good use. (so shouldn’t I just go workout since I’m so excited for it? If I hadn’t eaten a tray of cookies and wasn’t scared of vomiting I think I would.)

What about you? Do you have big plans of starting fresh in 2011? Or have you been able to stay on track and away from the cookies?


2 thoughts on “Merry Cookies & A Happy New Year!

  1. Ohhhh I am having a hard time staying on track right now..I am happy to just not gain!
    I figure one more week & a half to get thru and then it will be back to the same ole same old!

    I am looking foward to 2011..I plan to work my butt off (literally..haha) and meet my goals!

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