McFatty week 2 of 2011

I’m exhausted.

It might be because my child has been sick for the past 2 weeks. (Thank you, new daycare) The last 4 days being especially bad, as he has had a 104 temp for most of the time. He hasn’t been sleeping well so in turn I haven’t been sleeping well.  

It might be because I’ve been sick for the past 2 week. Thankfully on the mend though.

It might be because I’ve been cleaning my house like a crazy person in the attempt to rid it of the snot coating it keeps acquiring from my dear walking booger maker.

It might be because I’ve been getting my ass kicked by my good friend and my husband in an attempt to teach me kickboxing. (More on that next time)

It might because I’ve gotten in 4 and half hours of exercise for last week. Which is a hell of a lot more than I’ve gotten in a very long time. The workouts have been great, but I’m exhausted and sore. Oh, how I’m sore.

On an awesome note though, I’m down 2.6 lbs from last week. So I’m off to a good start for MY Biggest Loser challenge .

Although I’m exhausted, I’m also really excited to start to see the scale move in the right direction again. I’ve just got to push through this and stay on track.

Weight: 186.4

Lost: -2.6

Lbs. left in Biggest Loser Challenge: 21.4


2 thoughts on “McFatty week 2 of 2011

  1. Sorry to hear the little man is sick, but congrats on the weight loss. Today was my first day back at the gym and it was pretty bad. I did a spin class for the first time in over a month, so sitting is a little uncomfortable at the moment.

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