McFatty week 4. Oh, and it’s effing cold out.

Do you know what really effing cold feels like? The -35 below zero cold. The cold where when you walk outside and your boogers freeze in your nostrils. Ice crystals form ON your eye balls and your heat bill shoots up to $350 bucks because no mater what you do, your still cold. No? Then you live south of the arctic circle that can be found here in the states, and  I hate you I’m extreamly jealous that your smarter than me to have chosen a somewhat warmer climate. 

I’m bitter. I HATE the cold snaps here in MN. It affects everything in your life. I have been stuck in the house with a sick little boy (we are on our 3rd consecutive ear infection) for days now. -35 below is just TOO COLD to go outside.  Being stuck indoors, I’ve been cooking up a storm and of course eating it all too. Along with cleaning my house like a crazy person thinking that if I just keep cleaning, it might one day be clean… and it was for like 5 minutes. Then Parker woke up from nap.

Anyway, what does this have to do with McFatty Monday… Well, I was dreading getting on the scale this morning. I actually thought about just saying screw it and continue to not get on the scale and just ignore it. But, the whole holding myself accountable is why I do this. Why I put my weight out there for the world to see.  I didn’t follow my goal of eating well this week. I was eating pretty much everything. There is nothing like homemade creamy chicken turkey wild rice soup, and peanut butter cookies. Can’t forget the cookies. When it’s this cold out, it’s the little things that get you through.

So to my surprise, I had in fact dropped weight. I stood there kinda stunned for a while. And just had to chalk it up to cleaning like a crazy person for days. I did get a few workouts in but it was nothing like the past couple of weeks so I was justifiably nervous.


Weight: 184.4

Weeks loss: -1.8

Total loss: -35.6

lbs. left in my Biggest Loser Challenge: 19.4


2 thoughts on “McFatty week 4. Oh, and it’s effing cold out.

  1. Hey there..found your link up on Heir to Blair!
    I live North of you in Canada so yep-I unfortunately know about our suckky ass weather..grrr.

    Anyhooo I had to comment as our weight loss stats are pretty darn similar..I am 182.4 and have lost just over 35 pounds..have some to go still though..I am shooting to be in the 140’s..might be a miracle but I can hope 😉

    Have a great week..

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