McFatty week 5

I started last week totally ready to hit it hard. I got two good sweat sessions in on Monday and Tuesday despite not feeling the greatest. By Wednesday I couldn’t swallow, and when I did it felt like there were little gnomes with pick axes digging in to my throat hanging on for dear life.  That continued until today. So even though I had great intentions, I again fail.

Have I said how much I HATE winter? If not, “I HATE EFFING WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I’m sick of being Sick. Cold. Housebound. Crappy roads. Shoveling. Closed toe shoes. Hoodies/coats. $350 electric heat bills.

I’m thankful that spring days are only about 8 weeks away. Days are getting longer. Seed catalogs are out and the stores garden centers are starting to come together, and this year I actually have a yard to plant things in! Also, I’m getting excited about being able to get outside and start C25K “soon”.

Until then, I’m going to stay curled up with my electric blanket and cup of tea, and watch the snow fall.

This week:

Weight: 185.2

Loss: +.8 (Grr)

Total lost: -34.8

lbs to go in  my Biggest Loser Challenge: 20.2


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