McFatty vs. The Girl Scout Cookies

So I lost weight… but I’m not going to take any credit for it. I was sick. Again. And again, left with not being able to swallow without pain for days. SUCK. So when I did feel up to eating I was eating whatever the eff I felt like. Did I mention I got my girl scout cookies last week? No? Oh well, they were delicious as always. On a “Hey, Good job for not going waaaay overboard this year” note, I only bought 5 boxes vs. the 15 to 20 I usually get. So that was a vast improvement.  

I finally am starting to feel human again. I can swallow, my house is clean, my car is clean, the laundry got done, and I’m excited to workout. Woot Woot! My muscles are all tight and angry from not being worked for days. Which is awesome, because I know that my hard work was starting to make a difference.

SO, on that note, I’m going to leave you all and get my jiggly butt into my kickboxing gear and get my sweat on!

Happy Valentines day!

As promised:

Weight: 184.2 lbs

Loss: 1 lb

Total loss: 35.8 lbs

lbs. to go in MY Biggest Loser Challenge: 19.2 lbs


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