15 Weeks

I’m pregnant with baby #2. For those of you who know me in real life know this or at least should by now. For those who don’t, you could have figured it out from The Twitter. So I guess there is no big surprise there.

Any who, I figured I would start a weekly check-in on Sunday’s (my new week starts on Sundays) and it will be nice to have a record to look back on.

How Far Along? 15 weeks, 25 weeks to go.

Weight gained? I’m refusing to get on a scale at this point, but it will happen.

Movement? I don’t know… I think maybe, but it’s still early and I can’t be sure.

Feeling? Pretty good, all things considered. Everything “feels” to be going right on track.

Health updates? Background info so far, I had a seizure a couple of weeks ago. They have since done an EEG, I get the results on Tuesday, so I wont know anything else until then. While I was in the ER for the seizure they did an ultrasound to check on baby and there was an incidental finding of a spot of blood. Although no one is willing to say for sure what it is, it is being speculated that it is just a large vain. I do have another ultrasound tomorrow to “check on things”. Fingers are crossed that all looks good.

P.S. I was totally going to do a belly picture today but I have decided that I’m still far more fluff than baby & no one really wants to see that. Plus then I’d actually have to put makeup on and that is far too much work at this point. Maybe next week.




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