15 week ultrasound

I had my ultrasound this morning and well I’m not really sure how to describe it. The baby itself looks good. Baby is growing right on track (actually measured a couple of days ahead at 15 weeks 3 days) The “spot”, the whole reason for this ultrasound, has grown. My ultrasound tech(s), as I had one in training and their supervisor, believe that it is a Venous Lake. Also what my OB was guessing but we were staying on the positive side with “its just a vain”. Before you go to google I’ve already done that for you. Although boring, a better explanation than I can do. Enter  perinatology.com

Placental lakes are enlarged spaces in the placenta filled with maternal blood. These spaces are also called intervillous spaces because they are found between the placental villi the finger-like projections of the placenta that contain fetal blood vessels . The placental villi float in the intervillous spaces and absorb oxygen and nutrients from the maternal blood.

The blood-filled placental lakes appear nearly black on ultrasound because they do not reflect soundwaves back to the ultrasound machine. Placental lakes can be seen
within the placenta or on the fetal surface of the placenta bulging into the amniotic cavity. Slow swirling blood flow may be seen within the spaces, and the shape of the spaces tends to change with uterine contractions.
These features may help to distinguish a placental lakes from a thrombus.

Placental lakes are considered to be a normal finding in most cases. However, multiple placental lakes seen early in pregnancy in association with decreased umbilical artery
blood flow have been associated with fetal growth restriction. In a patient with placenta previa and previous uterine surgery multiple placental lakes should raise suspicion for placenta accreta or percreta. Multiple placental lakes may also mimic gestational trophoblastic disease.

Gosh, I do love Google. So I basically think that everything is going to be fine and that it is a normal finding right…? I really have no idea if I need to be concerned or not. The one thing that makes me a little worried is that mine is not small. It is quite large in fact. It was 8cm long 2 1/2 weeks ago, now it is over 9 1/2 cm long. (The tech turned the monitor so I had a hard time seeing, I have quite the name for her right now) which means the baby and the venous lake are about the same size. Again, NOT small. Ug. I know I’m freaking myself out but a “pocket” of blood the size of my baby can’t be a good thing. Just saying.

If you care to send some prayers, good thoughts, lucky ju-ju my way that would be great. But onto the fun stuff. I only got one photo today and it isn’t that great but I also have the 12 week ultrasound shots from my ER visit too.


3 thoughts on “15 week ultrasound

  1. Hi I know your post was a while ago now but I just wondered about your outcome? I also have a large lake 8cm X 10.2 cm and they testest me for signs of Babys blood in mine which came back positive too. Did you also have the same blood test? What was the finding? Hoping all went well for you and that you may be able to enlighten me on this hard to search thing. Thank you in advance

    • Hi, I’m sorry you are having to go through this. It can be very scary. I didn’t have any blood tests so I’m not any help there. By the end of my pregnancy my body had absorbed most of the lake and it was almost completely gone. I didn’t have any issues with delivery with excess bleeding or anything else stemming from complications of the lake. My daughter was born at 39 weeks (induction) at 7lbs 15oz, & is now a healthy 3 year old. If it weren’t for the ultrasound we wouldn’t have known there had been anything concerning to keep our eye on. If I remember correctly, the one of the biggest concerns is that baby keeps growing. I really wish that there was more information about these out there. Try & stay calm, keep hydrated, & have faith that everything will be okay.

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