Baby & scrapping

I’m going to be short and sweet tonight because I’m tired, pregnant, (if those weren’t reasons enough) my husband is going to be home soon, and Vampire Diaries (shut it, you know you like it too) is waiting for me on my DVR.

Baby update: My OB was able to look over the ultrasound and apparently isn’t that worried at this point because the baby is growing. She does want me to have my anatomy scan with a Perinatologist (high risk mama/baby doctor) though. It was described to me that it will be a slower more detailed ultrasound to get a really good look at the placental lake. She (I think) comes to our clinic a couple of times a month as we don’t have one in office at all times. Which means that I have to be patient, (grrr) and wait an extra week for my scan which will be December 20th. A nice christmas gift I’d say.

Now on to the scrapbooking! I finished lesson 2 of Digi in Deep and goodness, I learned so much. I really love this layout, the colors, the photo mat, plus I learned about photo burning, which is just cool. Take a look…


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