WTF mothernature?

I added the WordPress snow to my blog because it is looking to be the only snow I’m going to get for Christmas. Every year I’m usually all “NOOOOOO!!!!! I’M NOT READY FOR SNOOOOWWW!! MELT, MELT, MELT!!!” but I grow up and get over it because I live in Minnesota. It snows sometime in November if mother nature has decided not to give us a white Halloween. It’s cold as ****. And spring doesn’t show up until sometime in May if we are lucky.

I can’t in all of my 27+ years remember a Christmas where we didn’t have snow. And we have about a zero chance of snow before Christmas. No matter how much we Minnesotans complain about snow, it’s just not Christmas without it. I only got my tree up 2 days ago because it just doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. Not possible. I can still see the leaves on the ground. It is still getting up to the 30’s during the day. My kid can go outside without snow pants. It’s not time for Christmas.

I’m pretty convinced it hasn’t snowed yet only because we bought a shiny new snow blower this year on black friday, so of course it isn’t going to snow. Obviously we must be the center of the universe and our actions make mother nature want to laugh at us. I even got boots. The winter kind without a heel and the fuzzy stuff on the inside so I could go play in the snow with Parker. I haven’t had those kind of boots since I was like 12. (Yes, people ask me all the time how I survive here) Yet, there is still no snow. Damn it for being overly prepared for once in my life.


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