More baby names!

My ultrasound is tomorrow and I’m so freaking excited/anxious/nervous/insert every other appropriate emotion here, I’m quite sure that I will not be sleeping tonight.

The other night I was chatting with the husband and pointed out that maybe we should think about baby BOY names. You know, just-in-case my super mommy intuition is somehow incorrect. I’ve been so set on the fact that this baby is a girl, that the thought of boy names never even entered my mind.

Now I’m sure your thinking, “Um, Hey crazy Type-A pregnant lady, you still have over 4 months to think about that!?!?” Which I know. I’m not saying I’m ready to fill out the birth certificate or anything but I think that by having some boy names picked out that if it is a boy I wont be as “devastated” if they tell me it is a boy.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my son more than anything and would love another little boy the same. In fact, having another boy would be the most financially sound outcome. What I’m saying is that I have such a hard-core belief that this baby is a girl it would be a shock to find out otherwise. Which is why I think that having a couple of boy names swimming around in my head would make the “shock” a little less… well shocking.

SO. On to our *final name list:

Boy names:

Everett Victor or Zane Ryder

Girl Names:

Caroline Victoria or Charlotte Victoria

*I, of course, reserve the right to change my mind all the way up to squishing this baby out. Just sayin’.


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