Doctor Drama

I found out at my 17 week appointment that my OB was leaving the practice. If you missed that one, catch-up here.  At the time she wasn’t sure where she was going to end up and said we would talk about things a bit more at the next (todays) appointment.

So today I was given my options.

1) I can stay at my current hospital, and switch to another OB.


  • It is the closest by far to me. About 10 minutes, even if I hit all red lights.
  • I’m familiar with most of the nurses from my last pregnancy.
  • I know what to expect in regards to both clinic appointments and labor/delivery.
  • Because it’s what I know, I have a level of comfort there.


  • I have to switch OB’s in my 3rd trimester
  • Not only is my OB leaving, another OB is leaving. That means they are losing 50% of their OB staff. This makes me really nervous.
  • To handle the staffing the problem, some of their family practice doctors are going to start taking OB patients, and who knows how long it has been since they have done anything with OB.
  • It is possible they will have “Rent-a-docs” come in.
  • I’m not comfortable with either of those last two situations for labor and delivery.

2) My OB can refer me to another hospital.


  • I’m guaranteed to be delivered by an OB.
  • The new OB would be a high risk OB picked by my current doctor.
  • The hospital is a large hospital with all of the specialist/equipment needed for any situation.
  • The hospital is in a larger city with plenty of shopping, restaurants and such so it’s easy to “make a day” of things when I have to go down for my appointments.


  • I have to change OB’s in my 3rd trimester.
  • I don’t know the hospital.
  • I don’t know the doctors.
  • It is an hour drive.

3) I can move with my OB.


  • Obviously, I get to stay with my current OB who I know and trust.
  • The hospital is newer than the current one I’m at.
  • It is closer than option #2.
  • Not having to change OB’s in my 3rd trimester.


  • It is still a lot farther than my current hospital with a 40 minute drive.
  • It is a smaller hospital in a smaller town than either of the other two.
  • My OB will be their first OB. All obstetrics have been handled by their current family practitioners.  (A Pro is that, although they are not OB’s, they are used to it as it is part of their regular patient list and rotation.) 
  • It’s a new hospital, with all new staff. Even though I’d get to keep my current doc, everything else would change.



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