23 weeks

If you missed it, we are having a girl! I’m just over the moon. I made a slide show Christmas card of all of her ultrasounds to reveal the gender. You can watch that here.

How Far Along? 23 weeks, 17 weeks until due date, 1 week to viability!! It is one of my favorite pregnancy milestones. Also, I have entered my 6th month of pregnancy. 🙂

How big is baby? According to THE baby book, baby is about 8 in and just over a pound. I don’t know how accurate that is for me though as she weighed a pound (according to the ultrasound) 2 weeks ago. I know that you need to take those weights with a grain of salt and all, but still.

Weight gained? Oh good lord! I really should just delete this part. I’m horrified, because I only gained 28 with Parker and he was 10lbs! but, 22 lbs as of my last OB appointment. 😦

Movement? Lots. And finally, the hubby got to feel her also.

Symptoms? Nothing new. I’m happily settling into the best part of my pregnancy.

& the doctor says? All is perfect. We have no worries at this time. I’m blissfully boring. Yay!

Also, my decision regarding my OB leaving the practice???

I’ve decided to follow my OB and switch hospitals. It’s the only decision I’m comfortable with. (That was quite the akward conversation with the hospital rep that called asking which doctor I’d be switching too. Kinda like when you close a credit card.


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