Pregnancy vs a Hangover: The Top 10

Let me say that at the end of the day, all things said and done, I love being pregnant. I am so grateful for this pregnancy because I know that there are so many people that are not/cannot/and would die to be. That being said. Pregnancy is not glamorous. In fact, I have noticed quite a few similarities to being hung over. So I thought I’d share.


Hangover: Sour/upset/queezy stomach

Pregnancy: Sour/upset/queezy stomach. Check. We can throw in heartburn and morning/night sickness too just for good measure.


Hangover: Night sweats

Pregnancy: Night/Day sweats. Check. I keep telling my husband that the ‘pregnancy glow’ is just a figment of people’s imagination. It is really from us sweating all the time from carrying our ‘little heaters’ around.


Hangover: Exhaustion.

Pregnancy: Exhaustion. Check. The word really takes on a whole new meaning.


Hangover: Headache

Pregnancy: Headache. Check. More of them than I’d like.


Hangover: Dehydration

Pregnancy: Dehydration. Check. I drink so much water I feel like a damn camel, but if I go a minute too long without drinking anything I feel like it has been days.


Hangover: Food tastes… Funny.

Pregnancy: Food tastes/smells off. Check.


Hangover: Gotta pee. (okay, so this is more during the actual drinking part but I figure it counts. “Don’t break the seal!”)

Pregnancy: Gotta pee. Check. All the freaking time.


Hangover: Gas (beer drinkers)

Pregnancy: Gas. Check. (I told you, pregnancy is NOT glamorous.)


Hangover: Stiffness/achy muscles. “What did we do last night?!?”

Pregnancy: Stiffness/achy muscles, sore hips/backs/feet/etc… check.


Hangover: Messed up G.I. Track.

Pregnancy: Messed up G.I. Track. That would be putting it lightly. Check.


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