My deep, un-sponsored love of the Shabby Princess


You probably have no idea what I’m talking about so I’ll fill you in. My go-to place for Digi Scrapbooking is Shabby Princess. I love everything about her site and her team of amazing folks that are part of the site. The designs are amazing. You always get such wonderful comments from not only the designers but the other users. Everyone is so supportive. When you are designing, creating, experimenting, learning, and trying to take risks to grow your skills it can be intimidating to “put your self/work out there”. I have always had positive feed back on my layouts, even when I have known that they weren’t great.

Shabby also doles out lots of tips/tricks/education. There is a whole tutorial section if you are just learning. There are a ton of contest, challenges and my favorite, the Speed Scrap they have started doing to push yourself to grow as a scrapper. They also shower their readers with freebies every week. A person could seriously never buy anything and be able to scrapbook endlessly. They have so many amazing products though that I can’t help but to shop at the Shoppe. A lot.  

SO, what was my LOTW? I haven’t put it up here yet as I was waiting to get a few more done but there goes that idea. 😉


*Disclaimer: I did receive a $10 gift certificate for winning LOTW. But in no way was I compensated for this post or my gushing opinions of them. In fact, they don’t even know I have a blog.


2 thoughts on “My deep, un-sponsored love of the Shabby Princess

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  2. I was on a mission to match some usernames and with real life names in the comments on the Shabby Shoppe Blog when I came across a link to your post here. Thank you for the beautiful review on behalf of the Shabby Artist team!

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