29 weeks 4 days


I’m still alive, I promise. And I’m determined to get these up on time from now on! Good goal right? I did get the picture taken on the correct day but just never got around to doing this part.

I’ve been working on getting things in the nursery put together and I’m hoping to get a few posts up showing you around. 🙂 We have successfully switch the little man to his big boy bed as we kinda need the crib. I need to take a few pictures with Parker and his new bed as he just loves it so. Also, I just made my homemade dishwasher detergent yesterday so I’ve gotta get that up too. Oh, and I’m growing a human. Busy, busy.

How Far Along? Today I’m 29 weeks 4 days with 10 weeks 3 days until my due date. BTW, I will be full term (37 weeks) in 52 days, on Easter. <- That is not very far away. Scary.  

How big is baby? According to THE baby book, baby is about 17 inches (head to toe) and a bit over 3 lbs.

Weight gained? I’m going to so exceed what I gained with Parker. ::headdesk:: At my OB appointment I was up 25 lbs which by the way was only a 3 lb gain from the previous appointment. HUGE improvement. <- I’m keeping that until my next OB appointment.

Also, we totally just stocked up on Girl Scout Cookies and Shamrock Shake month starts in two weeks. It’s my two favorite occasions of the year which are just as bad for my ass as Thanksgiving and Christmas. And this year, I’m pregnant. My husband isn’t dumb enough to take aways my box of cookies right now. In fact, he is more of the “Would you like a large shake?” kinda guy. Bless his heart for turning a blind eye at my expanding ass right now. So ya, I’m doomed.

What I miss?  Sleep. Awesome uninterrupted sleep. No getting up to pee. No numb parts of my body. No getting up to pee. No tossing and turning. No screaming back pain. No getting up to pee. No need to adjust pillows every time I move. No lying awake for hours after getting up to pee. No getting up to pee. 

Symptoms? Nesting. Lol. I’m in full on MUSTCLEANEVERYTHING mode. Another reason that I haven’t been posting.

& the doctor says? Unknown. My appointment is on Monday at my new hospital which I’m excited and nervous for at the same time. I’m anxious to see my doctor as it will have been 5 weeks, and I would like to see the facility. I’m taking a huge leap of faith with this but I know in my heart that I wouldn’t have ever been comfortable switching doctors. I’ll let you know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “29 weeks 4 days

  1. if it’s any consolation, I just sat on my bed and ate an entire bag of Rolo Mini Eggs (delicious) while reading other people’s blogs. I’m at 16weeks 🙂 isn’t this fun?

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