What I “thought” being a SAHM would mean

I had this dream of what being that a SAHM would mean for me and my families lives before I quit my job this past October. I guess when I dream, I like to dream REALLY BIG. Oh, and yes, I’m a total Type-A if you didn’t know already.

  • My house would be blissfully clean and well-organized. All of the clutter would be donated, set aside to sell or tossed so that all of my clutter would be gone.
  • Beds would always be made.
  • No dust would dare land for it would be quickly wiped away and furniture polished.
  • Every bed would be made.
  • Pictures would finally get hung on the walls a year and a half after buying our home.
  • I would finally get to paint the entire freaking house rooms that needed to be painted including their trim, my kitchen cabinets and doors.
  • All meals would be planned a week in advance and lovingly prepared from scratch. While making extras to freeze so I had things taken care of for after the baby got here.
  • Parker and I would have daily craft projects and themed learning weeks.
  • We would get to spend most days at the park, taking walks, or in our backyard.
  • I would workout and shower every morning before Parker would wake up.
  • I would have plenty of time to blog and scrapbook.
  • Because all of the “work” would be done throughout the week, my husbands days off would be filled with family fun activities and date nights.

That was all just to start.

And yes, I’m positive I was delusional.


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