Parker’s Baby book months 6-10

So I am still hoping to actually finish Parker baby book before our little girl gets here. I’ve been kinda stuck with the 11 & 12 month layouts. I seem to go through spurts where my creativity is really flowing and then there is when no matter what I do I don’t like what is ending up on the page. I figured I would just get these up though and maybe find some new inspiration along the way.

I am starting to see the finish line though. Once I get his monthly milestones done then I get to go back and do all the firsts. First bath, first holidays and things like that. Then I should be done. Okay so maybe I’m not seeing the finish line but rather the halfway mark. 😉

This is also the layout that I won “Layout of the Week” on the Shabby Princess Blog. If you missed that, you can catchup here.

I just love this picture and his little vest and clip on tie, and although you can’t see them he is totally rocking some awesome navy skater shoes. The really funny thing is that the shirt almost didn’t fit because he had such chubby little wrists we almost didn’t get the cuffs buttoned. The thought that the cuffs wouldn’t button never occurred to me when shopping!

This layout was actually from one of the online digital scrapbooking classes that I took with Jessica Sprague. Such amazing classes.

I just can’t help but to laugh at this picture. He loved to do this and it was the middle of summer so the cool floor always felt great.

We (Parker and I, or at least I’m working on him) are big Vikings fans. (We are not going to talk about the 2011 season. EVER.) So of course he rocks a Viking’s jersey for all of the games.

I’m really loving how his book is coming together. It is going to be such a thrill for me when that book comes in the mail, but the best part about digital scrapbooking is that I get to share my layouts with everyone.

*all templates & digi kits are from shabby princess except for “8 months” which is mostly from Jessica Sprague’s online class (I think)


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