31 weeks

Here are my MANY dates.

  • I’m 31 weeks
  • 9 weeks until my due date
  • 8 weeks until my possible induction (if you missed all of that, go here)
  • 6 weeks until baby is full term which is when I become a ticking time bomb.

How big is baby? According to THE baby book, baby is a bit over 3 lbs and about 18 inches. At this point the size of babies really starts to vary and depends on a lot of different factors.

Can I delete this section? ::heavy sigh:: 33 lbs.

Btw, Shamrock Shakes are already out and it was ah-mazing! and completely worth it.

What I miss the most?The ability to move freely and my energy. There is so much that I have to do. That I want to do. But finding the energy is becoming increasingly difficult. I realize that it really is only going to get worse from here on out as I’ve reached the most physically demanding part of my pregnancy.

Symptoms? Nothing new here. Heartburn has really kicked back in despite the maximum dose of Zantac. So I just keep saying that this little girl best have a full head of hair!

Doctor’s Report? I posted last Monday about my doctor appointment so if you didn’t click the link above you can try again here. I think I did forget to include that I’m officially on the every two weeks schedule until 36 weeks when I will start going weekly. Now this pregnancy is going to go really fast!


*Digi Kits are from The Shabby Princess


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