33 weeks

Can I just gush about this digi kit for a sec? It is Blossom from Shabby Princess and I absolutely adore it! The colors are just too cute and girly, and it reminds me so much of spring, that I couldn’t resist. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I must say that I’m super excited to get to scrap with pinks and “girly” things now. 🙂

Okay, on to business.

Here are my MANY dates.

  • I’m 33 weeks
  • 7 weeks until my due date
  • 6 weeks until my *scheduled induction
  • 4 weeks until baby is full term which just so happens to be Easter this year. Early, no?

*I’m guessing this is going to change now that we have found out she isn’t going to be the bigger baby we were all predicting.

How big is baby? According to THE baby book, baby should be about 4 1/2 lbs but according to my ultrasound on Friday she is about 4.07 lbs. She is running about 9 days behind in growth. But, you can catch-up on all of that here.<;—-psst… there is video too!

What I miss the most? Breathing while: shaving my legs, putting on my shoes, switching my laundry, getting off the couch, or doing anything else that requires me to bend over. By the way folks, breathing is NOT overrated. It is awesome. I miss it.

Symptoms? You should see the waddle that I’ve got going on. Even if I was one of those pregnant people who didn’t look pregnant in the ass (don’t worry, I’m not, so no reason to hate) you would totally be able to tell by my waddle. Which is one of the reasons I was shocked when they told me that she is breech. I was so sure that she was head down because of how much it sucks to walk.

Doctor’s Report? Friday’s post will fill you in.


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