36 week OB appointment

From here on out I warn you, I have now reached a point in my pregnancy where my lady bits have become the topic of conversation, even with total strangers. It really is amazing what people will ask you while your pregnant. That being said, if you don’t want to hear about my what my cervix is doing, STOP HERE.

Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

It was quite a day but I seriously couldn’t be happier. Everything is perfect with this little girl. 

I started with an ultrasound which was ordered to check her position, fluid, and size. I went in 98% sure that she was still breech. Why would I think such a thing you ask? Well, I had been feeling hiccups by my belly button (“they” say that if baby is head down you should feel them really low) and taking some pretty intense shots to the cervix. I’m talking the kind that make your eyes well up and almost drop to your knees.

I’m sure the poor guy at Target thought my water broke when I suddenly bent over and let out some dying animal sound mid question. He looked scared.

But as I was in mid conversation with the ultrasound tech about being worried over having version done, she stops and says “well never mind, she is head down.” 

I almost burst into tears, and both my Grandmother and I let out a cheer. (It just occurred to me what that must have sounded like in the waiting room… lol.)  

So in addition to our little miss being a good girl and turning the correct way, she is measuring right on track at just over 6 lbs, and my fluid levels were at 12-13. That means she has caught up from being about 9 days behind and my fluid levels have increased from 9.

I could not have asked for better news. Woop Woop!!

My actual Dr. appointment went well too. I had my Group B Strep test done (if you don’t know what that is and actually want to, Google it) and cervical check. Drum roll please….

1 cm.

Hey, I’ll take it and be excited about it too. I’m not wanting to go into labor because I want to make sure that I get my OB for delivery. I’m just glad that my body is preparing as it makes an induction sooo much more likely to have a successful outcome if they don’t have to use a cervical softener.

It was just good news all around today. And, btw, 20 DAYS! (holy crap)


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