Last Doctor Visit (38 weeks)

::Monday’s cervical check::
Dr: “Well, I’m touching her head.”
Me: “That… is just not right…”

That means I’m dilating. Yay! But there hasn’t been much change. Boo!

2cm and 50% effaced.

It’s a start, and it’s two less cm I’ll need to go later. Doc also said that she could break my water if she wanted to. Which is a very good thing because there wont be any need for a cervical softener. Which does increase my chances of a successful induction as they wont be “cold starting” my body for labor.

Everything else looked good. My fundal height was 40-41 cm, which means jack s*** other than baby and I are growing. Something the gal in registration was so thoughtful to point out.

On a side note, to my happy surprise, my blood pressure has been awesome my whole pregnancy. Since I had pregnancy induced hypertension with Parker that required medication and did end up with preeclampsia, it has been something that we have kept a close eye on, so thank goodness it has been great.

We officially scheduled induction for Monday with check-in at 7am. We have finalized our plans for Parker’s care and a dog sitter in the event that this isn’t a fast delivery. (My hopes are not high.)

We are as ready as we can be.

So now we wait… some more that is.

3.5 days FYI


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