six weeks

So I have been on kind of maternity leave from the blog. Can you believe that Charlotte is SIX WEEKS OLD already. Holy crap. Parents always say that time goes by way too fast but it seems to go even faster when you’re in this sleep deprived haze in which you haven’t found the time to shower for 2 days. (Last nights shower was glorious, btw) I would think everyday, “Gosh I need to sit down and write!” Then the opportunity would never come. Between Parker and Charlotte needing to be fed, changed, entertained, my boobs needing to be pumped, or bottles cleaned, and then keeping up with the house and other family matters, finding time to sit and have a complete thought has been pretty unachievable.

I have been keeping up with my camera though. I figure I can always go back to the photos but I can’t go back to the moments. So in-between soaking up this amazing time with my children I’ve been trying to record everything so I don’t forget it all. Speaking of, isn’t this picture darling?! I got this one a couple of days ago. I was snapping a few to send to my sister-in-law who made this dress for her. She did such an amazing job and between Parker and I we got Charlotte to smile what I believe was her first “real” smile. LOVE.

I’ve got so much to catch up on and I have had all these posts flying around in my head for weeks now, I’ve got to get them on paper before I go nuts! Plus I’ve got blog design stuff to update. Now the time to do it all… wishful thinking right?


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