Fluffy Fridays

Little Miss Charlotte is 11 weeks (almost 12 weeks) old. Can you believe it? I sure the hell can’t.

That also means that I’m 11 weeks postpartum, with 11 weeks of breastfeeding, & I’m still fluffy.

oh joy.

I know that “they” say, that it takes 9 months to put it on and that much or more to take it off, but I certainly could be doing something to help it along. Besides, I think people are just saying that to make me or themselves feel better. I don’t want to use excuses to justify my jiggly butt. I have done that for too long. Obviously. Otherwise I would have been 130lbs when I got pregnant the 1st time. On top of wanting to look better and to not hate getting dressed, my body is screaming at me for not working it. I know how good I can FEEL and I know that I’m not anywhere close to that.

So it is time to get my butt moving. Literally.

After I had Parker I joined up with Miss Beth Anne over at Heir to Blair for her McFatty Monday’s and it was one of my most successful workout/weight loss ventures ever. I discovered that I’m a person that needs a weekly check-in looming over my head to keep me on track. I like being held accountable for the choices I make and frankly having to admit them to the world every week is quite motivating. It is a lot more fun to write how awesome the week went with results to show for it than it is to write how lazy I was. I had plenty of both with my McFatty check-ins.

It is time to focus on getting heathy again. We are done having babies and so the looming “I’m just going to get pregnant again and have to start all over” is gone. That was a mental issue I had last time. I knew that we were going to have another child so it was always nagging at me and I would wonder why I was even trying? Why lose the weight so I can just start all over again? But it turns out that all that hard work was not in vain, even if I’m back to where I was weight wise after I had Parker, I was healthier while I was pregnant with Charlotte and didn’t have any of the high blood pressure issues. Which is something that I struggled with before and during my pregnancy with Parker.

So here goes. The part that kinda makes me want to vomit. Or cry. Or hide under the covers with sheer embarrassment and shame. My numbers. Blah.

184: my last “McFatty check-in” in February ’11
212: my first prenatal weigh-in in September ’11
(I’m more upset at myself for the 28lbs I gained when I basically gave up during the conception process than anything else and I honestly didn’t realize how much it was until this very moment.)
250: my final weigh-in while pregnant April ’12
222: my weigh-in today
199: my first goal. Get back to “Onederland”

I know that some most all sane women keep their weight a secret, but what kind of secret is it really? You can see my ass, and I damn well know that I don’t look 125lbs. Peoples response is going to be
A) She hides it well.
B) That’s it? I would have guessed more.
C) That is what my guess was.

So I’m putting it out there, and it honestly makes it more real to me. More motivating. And motivation is something we all need.

Now because I’m breastfeeding, my biggest challenge is going to be loosing weight and maintaining my caloric intake so I can keep my milk supply. Breastfeeding is also an advantage because of the extra calories I burn everyday. I’m just going to need to work on finding a balance.

Who is with me?

If you have blogged about weight loss this week please feel free to link up! This journey is so much better when you are not alone!


5 thoughts on “Fluffy Fridays

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  4. You can do it! I think I found your blog via Mc Fatty Mondays..I got down to 175, then up to 186 at my first preggo visit. I have gained 13 pounds in my 27 weeks of pregnancy and scared to see how high the number gets

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