Fluffy Friday week 1

Gotta love Pinterest, am I right? A friend pinned this and it was exactly the reminder that I needed. I learned a lot this week. Both awesome encouraging things but also a few less than stellar/gotta work on things.

I have truly missed working-out. I often feel too tired and lack the ambition or motivation to workout but when I do get my but in gear, I never regret it. I love the burn, the sweat, and the time I get that is just for me.

I can do anything for a minute. If you know me in real life you know that running is pretty much THE LAST thing that you would see me do. Physically alone, running with F/G cup boobies is… a challenge. Throw in some asthma and being incredibly over weight with arthritis in my knees and hips it might seem impossible. But I WANT to be a runner. I’m jealous of people who “can” run and especially those that look amazing doing it. Last summer I downloaded the Couch to 5k (C25K) app (now called Ease into 5k for whatever reason…) I ended up doing the 1st week before Parker decided that there was no way he was going to sit in a stroller anymore and by the time we got our treadmill, I was pregnant. SO. I’ve decided to give it another go, because damn-it, I am going to be a runner. As difficult as it might be right now, I can run for a minute and it isn’t going to kill me, and if that means that I need to keep repeating week 1 for the next 6 weeks, so be it.

I burn more calories than my treadmill tells me I do. Now, my treadmill I assume is designed to calculate calories burned of the so-called “average” fit American. I am no such thing. When I entered everything into my app, it told me I burned about 300 calories more. SUPER encouraging.

I makes sense though, if you take a fit women of about 125lbs and then make her carry and extra 100lbs while working out, sure as shit is she going to burn more calories. Why I never took any of that into consideration I haven’t a clue.

I let life get in the way my workouts. I used to always workout at night after putting Parker down, so this is of course the routine that I have been trying to follow again. Unfortunately, that time is now Charlotte’s “angry time” where she wants to be held and to nurse on demand until she falls asleep for the night. If you try to put her down because she has fallen asleep before she thinks it is time, she will instantly wake and you start the soothing, eating, burping, puking, paci, rocking routine again. This seems to eat up my entire evenings. One would then say to get up before the kids and get it done. Which is something that I will be considering doing once Charlotte is sleeping through the night. Something that has not happened on any kind of consistent basis yet, and with now having a toddler that no longer naps I am going to be snagging sleep whenever I can get it. In other words, I have to learn to let my type A relax and be flexible. To take advantage of the time that I DO have. Yesterday I got my workout in at about noon, when everyone had been fed and changed and was going to be happy/sleeping for the 45 min block of time that I was hoping for.

Breastfeeding is worse for your appetite that being pregnant. Now I don’t get the overwhelming cravings for certain foods like I do when pregnant but oh em gee, can I clean out a fridge! I feel like I’m literally starving all of the time. Here is the tricky part. I don’t want to kill my supply and but I need to start getting things under control. So I’m looking to do little things like cutting out extra carbs and loading up on fruits and veggies. Along with drinking my huge amounts of water and including protein with every meal/snack. The biggest thing for me is portion control. It is something that I have struggled my entire life with so I know that it is going to take sometime to get back in the habit of things. Basically, I just need to start giving a damn about what I’m putting in my pie hole.

This week has been all kinds of crazy up in here. Between 3 unexpected (but VERY WELCOME) overnight guests, 2 trips to the dentist and 4 cavities, my husbands vasectomy, and extra amounts of family crazy this week I am happy enough to say that I got 2 solid sweat sessions in. I certainly am going to strive for more and work on prioritizing my workouts.

Starting weight: 222

Today’s weight: 221

Meh. disappointing, though not surprising. But progress non-the-less and that is the true goal.


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