Charlotte~3 Months

See! I told you I would get these up quicker than her 2 month pictures! It might help that I just adore them. This was my first real attempt at “photography” where I actually got a “background” (a couple of yard of fabric). I made her tutu, (thank you Pinterest) and tried my best at this whole photography thing. Now there are a lot of things that I could sit and nit-pick about but I think for my first try they turned out pretty well.

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Now for a little bit about our Little Miss:

You love your suckie (pacifier).

You have discovered your hands and are starting to learn to control your arms.

You are starting to use your chubby little legs and trying to stand.

You sleep on your right side and will grunt and fuss until you get yourself positioned just right.

You still have your “angry time” each night where you wont let anyone put you down until you decide it is time to go to sleep.

You are sleeping through the night for the most part.

You loved to be talked to, and if you’re fussy and nothing else is wrong, you just want someone to talk too. (You are such a girl 😉 )

You love to mimic when people make faces and stick out their tongue.

You are starting to giggle and there is nothing in the world better than a child’s laugh.

See you tomorrow for Fluffy Friday!


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