Fluffy Friday week 2

This weeks Pinterest inspiration

I feel awesome. I may not have lost as much weight as I was hoping but lets be honest, every girl wants to wake up 20 lbs lighter but it just isn’t going to happen. I did lose weight, and that means I’m going in the right direction so lets get a big WOOT WOOT for that. 😉

This week I made my workouts a priority and I got six, YES 6! workouts in. I finished week one and started week 2 of C25K which I am doing every other day and then on the off days of that I have been hoping on the elliptical and getting 30 minutes in there. I then do some stretching, abs and a little strength training.

I have realized how large of a toll pregnancy took on my body, especially on my pelvis. I know that things are still going back to where they should be and that the muscles surrounding my pelvic bones are weak and that is going to take some time and work but holy hell does it hurt! I can already feel my body responding to the exercise and that is exciting. I’m sleeping better, I’m moving better, and my mood has improved.

Getting my workouts in has been a learning experience for Parker and myself. I have been adjusting when and how I workout, and I have been teaching him that Mommy needs to workout and that he can play and talk to me while I do that. We are now at the point that when I put on my running shoes he says “Mommy workin’ out”. 🙂 I’m happy to know that I’m showing him good habits from the start. Teaching him that it is normal, important and healthy to exercise. Something that I never saw growing up. So basically my workouts look a lot like this.

He is always great entertainment.

So my weight loss this week?

1.4 lbs and I worked for it, that is for sure.

Start weight: 222

This week: 219.8

Total loss: 2.2

I’ve got to keep up my workouts and really focus on my eating this week.

How did you do?


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