Fluffy Friday week 3

Must Remember!!

Also? Anyone else been uber obsessed with the Olympics this week?! No. Fine then.

I effing hate potty training with every fiber of my being. We got Parker a potty chair shortly after he turned one and we have been encouraging it since. So we have been doing this for over a freaking year and a half but didn’t want to really push anything until after Charlotte was here for fear of regression. That said. We have been hitting it really hard this past week with the big boy underwears, pull ups, running naked, etc… because dropping $100 for diapers and wipes makes me want to cry.
What does this have to do with my Fluffy Friday check-in? Well, I totally let life get in the way. After many loads of laundry, cleaning pee off of the couch, floor, wall, carpet, me and the fantastic ‘poop smashed between the toes’ experience I didn’t have a whole lot of time to work out during the day. Or energy for that matter. And my evenings are still being consumed with the little lady and her bad attitude. Which I’m really hoping she grows out of soon…

So I’m all excuses this week. But, it is a new week! I’m back on track. I did get 1 good run in and some good deep cleaning on the house done so it wasn’t a total waste and I did lose a little which I’m just going to attribute to eating better (loads of fresh veggies!) and breastfeeding.
Starting 222

Last week 219.8

Today 218

Lost 1.8

Total lost 4 (for ya’ll who don’t want to do the math. 😉

Now we are off to the farmers market, as I’ve got to beat the tree hugging hippies to the squash and then to the fair so my kid can “pet the cow”. ::must not eat all the things!::


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