Fluffy Friday Week 5

Here is last weeks post so you know what the heck I’m talking about.


I made it through the 6 minute run!! It was a run 4, walk 2, run 6, walk 3 run 4. I was extremely skeptical but I just kept telling myself that as long as I was still breathing it was just mind over matter. It was actually that last 4 minute run that I really had to push through. When I got off the treadmill I will totally admit that I cried. Ya know that moment that you always see on Biggest Loser where the trainer finally breaks them and shows them that they really can do it. I get it now. I was really scared about even trying it, then to prove to myself I really could, it was a huge emotional release. I’m sure I sound really pathetic to most people but it is something that I NEVER thought I would be able to do.

So even though I was able to complete Day 1 of Week 4, Day 2 didn’t go so well. I had to stop a couple of times and play referee, place my child in a time out, defend the (small) dog, change a diaper, retrieve a paci, ya know, mom stuff. I was babysitting a few extras so my house was quite busy and they had lots of questions for me while I was trying to run so I wasn’t able to “get in the zone”. Not being able to focus and control my breathing caused me to end up with the lovely side stitches and I wasn’t able to run my full time. So to make up for that, I’m going to repeat that day.

I did get 3 workouts in and although I did slip quite a bit with my eating I’m still down a pound so I’m still moving in the right direction. Yay for that. Small and large victories this week. Plus, I hit one of my 1st fitness goals of running for 5 minutes straight. Go me!

starting 222
this week 215.8
weeks loss 1
total loss 6.2

What fitness goal are you working towards right now?


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