Randomness- schedules, kiddos, workouts, scrapbooking…blah, blah, blah…

How is it possible that I can be so busy when we hardly leave the house? I think I’m still trying to adjust and settle into life and an actual routine. (I really like routines, and consistency) When I first started to say home I was pregnant and preparing for the new baby and adjusting Parker to the whole staying home thing. Then Charlotte came and it has been a whirlwind of change and adjustment for everyone, and now it feels like we are settling in seeing how our new family dynamic is going to work. The sleepless nights with an infant and long days of a non-napping toddler has been a little rough on all of us but now that Charlotte is kinda sorta starting to find a routine it is getting much better.

I think I can safely say that she has a night time schedule of 10-11pm until 5:30am when she wakes for a new diaper and a snack then sleeps until about 10-11am. Parker is an awesome sleeper of 8pm-9am. He doesn’t nap though. We fought him on naps for about 6 months and then just decided that it wasn’t doing anyone any good, so now we have an afternoon “quiet time” where we have a snack and watch a movie. He has fallen asleep on a few occasions which is great, but for the most part he just needs a little break in the day.

Nap time used to be the time when I would blog or scrapbook but those things haven’t been happening. I know that I have missed a couple of template Tuesdays, which will be back but I seriously broke my keyboard. I have never broken a keyboard in my life and somehow I broke several keys including my control key (PC). And if you are a Photoshop user you know that it is basically impossible to use any hot keys without your ctrl button (command on mac). I had my pictures and the kit I wanted to use all picked out and then ya… I know that everything can be done by finding it through the menus but I have no idea what I do is even called most of the time. My fingers just know. It felt like my hand had been cut off. SO. I have a new keyboard now and should have a new template up for ya’ll on Tuesday.

The little lady is going to be 4 months old tomorrow and is rolling over now. Both front to back and back to front. I have decided that she needs to stop growing immediately because I’m not ready for my last baby to not be a baby. She is getting big way too fast. She is such a “girl” though that it is funny. She will be crying and you just have to start talking or singing to her and she will start to smile and giggle. It is the craziest thing. She is going to be my little chatter box I’m sure!

I’m really struggling with fitting in exercise this week. (I should be working out instead of blogging but I needed to kind of do a brain dump today) In my ideal world I would get up in the morning and workout, have breakfast, coffee and a shower all before the kiddos woke up. Then I would be done for the day and not have it nagging at me all day. This is my ultimate goal. But for now, I’m still fighting to get Charlotte down before 11pm and then I’m not getting to sleep until about 12am and the call of my warm bed is just too strong at this point to stay up after Charlotte wakes at 5:30am. I’m hoping once I get her on a little better sleep schedule that I’ll be able to.

That being said, I’ll be back on Friday for my Fluffy Friday check-in with some hopefully good news but I just wanted to check in with ya’ll and chat. Oh, and btw, I cut about 10 inches off my hair last week. I’ll try and post pictures soon!


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