Fluffy Friday Week 6

Blah. I totally failed with the whole “working out” thing this week.

But I lost more than I have any other week.

Confused? Me too. But I’ll take it.

I have been really focusing on what I’m eating and more importantly how much of it I’m eating. I’ve been including protein and packing veggies into every meal, cutting extra carbs, making simple swaps, and I’ve been trying to be extremely conscientious of everything I’ve been putting into my mouth.

There are somethings that I wont give up though.

  • Peanut butter. It is such a comfort food for me, and I eat it on almost a daily basis. I have been trying to keep the amount of it I eat in check though.
  • Coffee creamer. I wont do it. It is how I start my day. I will drink black coffee and did for a long time but It is not how I prefer it. I wont sub it with the fat/sugar-free crap either. I want the fun ones that change with the season. I would rather go without my hamburger bun or skip the pasta than give up my coffee creamer.
  • Ice cream. I love ice cream. Everyone needs a treat now and then. Ice cream is mine. I have switched to either low-fat frozen yogurt or the 1/2 fat stuff and I only eat it on a cone. Two reasons for the cone. 1. It takes longer to eat and seems far more satisfying and 2. it really helps with portion control. One scoop is way better than having a bowl full.

My biggest food issues are random snacking (like snagging the leftovers off my kids plate) and too large of portions. Making the right food choices is a daily battle that I have to think about everyday, all day long. If I don’t, I gain. Simple as that.
Alright, weigh-in time!
starting 222

last week 215.8

this week 213.4

weeks loss 2.4

total loss 8.6


BTW, my first pregnancy weigh-in was 212. I’m really hoping to hit that (or below) for next week. Slow and steady folks!

How did you do? What won’t you give up?


3 thoughts on “Fluffy Friday Week 6

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  2. I eat food off my kids plates too! Why do we do that?! Congrats on your weight loss so far! Sounds like you’re on a roll!

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