These milestones just keep coming faster and faster! I don’t know if I can keep up. Charlotte is rolling over (B to F & F to B) babbling, cooing, playing with toys, sleeping through the night, etc. She has been hitting all of her milestones right on track and even some a bit early. Which is great, I’m thrilled that she is doing beautifully and is such a strong and healthy little. I truly couldn’t be happier. But like every parent says, they grow too fast! Bah! I just try to soak it up every day knowing that in a few short months she is going to be running around the house after her brother.

She it another milestone today. We started solids. Now I was going to wait until she was closer to 5 months to start on solids but like most of the time, plans changed. After talking with her doctor, and having him say that she was certainly developmentally ready to start whenever I wanted too, and that it would probably help with her spitting up. (And oh goodness does that girl puke. Parker NEVER spit up, so having a puke-y baby was quite a change of pace, and don’t ask me why but she would surprise me every time! You’d think I’d get used to it but, no.) So that along with her trying to snatch my food from my plate and my drinks we decided that it was time.

Here she is in all her messy cuteness! And Yes, the bib does indeed say “tax deduction” 😉



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