Fluffy Friday week 7 aka word vomit

So I’m going to be quick like a bunny on this one. It has been one hell of a week. Uber crabby kiddos. Charlotte has decided that her sleeping schedule was far too awesome for me and she needed to screw things up, pronto. Also? A nursing strike type thing seems to be happening. I don’t really know, I need to do more research. If I had the time. Parker, who is usually so independent has been my overly clingy, whiny, shrieking shadow. Wanting to “snuggle” all the time, which really is code for alligator roll on my lap while shrieking in my ear, while I try to breastfeed an unwilling crying infant who wont let me put her down. Sorry folks, it has been a long week.

As for my health and fitness? I’m doing great on the food front. I’m still learning portion control but my food choices are SOOO much better than they were a few months ago. I was only able to get on the elliptical a couple of time this week so that is going to be my main goal for this coming week. Hit it hard and get some awesome sweat sessions in. I did drop some lbs though so I must be doing something right.

Weigh-in time!

Starting 222

Last week 213.4

This week 211.4 <— baby weight gone!

Weeks loss 2

Total loss 10.6


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