Potty training can go take a flying leap.

I hate potty training. I have mentioned it before on here and twitter. And everyday to myself. I feel like we have been doing this for-ev-er!

We got a potty chair shortly after Parker turned one so he could get used to it and it would be there if he wanted to try. I also had a delusional goal of having him potty trained by his 2nd birthday. HA! Oh, I had no idea what I was in for and we are just a couple of weeks away from his 3rd, yes 3rd and golden birthday.

The strange thing is that he does great and I would call him “potty trained” as long as he is naked, but the second I put underwear, pants, pull up, or diaper on, he seems to lose all interest. I don’t know if he just forgets or doesn’t care. I’m so over having a naked child running around and that awkward moment when you answer the door and your kid is standing there without his pants is SO not my cup of tea. Also, please don’t think I haven’t considered that he is peeing a little on my carpet that I’m just not finding it, before he realizes he needs to go. Because I have considered it, and it kinda gives me nightmares. I’ve decided that we are not replacing the carpets until both kids are potty trained and until then I’m just really thankful we invested in our carpet cleaner.

We have done the “3 day method” with no real success. We have potty treats. He has special underwear. We have the potty chair that plays music. He has made a lot of progress, and I’m so proud of him for that because we have reached the point where he will go in any toilet, any where. He has left the house in underwear and done great and stayed dry. He has even pooped in the toilet. But he really has NO INTEREST. No commitment. No desire to be potty trained. To be a big boy. He is happy as a pig in mud to use his diaper/pull up and even underwear.

He has a potty training prize. A bike. We always go and look at them when we go to the store. He gets to pick out the one he likes and ride it a bit up and down the aisle. The whole time we are talking about what he needs to do before he can bring it home. He knows what he needs to do and he desperately wants it, but no. It still isn’t giving him the motivation. I’m tossing around the idea of buying one and putting it up in the garage so he can see it all the time and then he gets it at the end of the day if he has used the potty? Maybe?

Our pediatrician recommended backing off if after pushing it really hard for about a week or so with no real success. So that is where we are now. Taking a break for a couple of days. I frankly needed a break from washing out underwear and cleaning up pee off the floor. I’m still asking him throughout the day if he needs to go and I always get the screaming “NO!” in response.

I think he is ready, and I know he can do it because he has shown me that, but he is just lazy. Blah!

Anyone have any tips?


One thought on “Potty training can go take a flying leap.

  1. Potty training is such a pain. We started when T was 1yr old cause he was showing the signs of it. Now he just turned 3 and we are still potty training but we are in the last stage of it. We just kept working with him, when he started to show no interest in the potty we stopped for a few days-few weeks and started back up again. He used to when he first started was running around the house naked too, something some of our friends didn’t approve of but he was going potty, but once underwear was on BOOM accident.

    To get him to stop peeing the underwear we made him go pee first then put them on him. About every 30mins we would take him to go pee and he would go and he felt proud of himself cause he went pee and didn’t have an accident. Since then doing that a few times he has stopped having accidents in the underwear. Its a hard thing to do, but they do eventually catch on, I had days where I thought T was going to be in pull-ups the rest of his life LOL.

    Now our next step is to get him to leave the underwear on his legs while going potty instead of completely stripping and night time. Good luck and hope things start to improve its a hair-pulling scenario but it will work its way thru!

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