Fluffy Friday week 9


Okay, so it was only once. BUT, I worked out none the less.

That is kinda skewed though. When I say I worked out, it means that I worked out on one of these:

I’m not including the running around out side with the kiddos, pushing a 34 lb toddler in one of those cars that photobombed my picture, or pulling the wagon all over my very not-flat yard. So if I include those, I worked out a lot more.

I am down 2 more lbs though. I really have to attribute that to the change in eating and breast feeding. I have my cheat days, like today, when I’m out of the house all day and eating on the run, my best friend brings me amazing carrot cake, and then I for some reason still think that I need to eat ice cream. Ya, I admit it. But then I’m right back at it. I have also really been working on not thinking my whole day is shot just because I indulged at lunch, so I might as well eat whatever I want.

I’ve been trying to figure out all the issues I have had in the past that has kept me at this weight so I don’t come back to it again. I want this to be a forever change, and not a for now change. And thinking that I’m never going to eat cake again is ridiculous, because come on. It’s CAKE. CAKE IS AWESOME. I just need to learn how to eat cake. Or rather how much.

What about you? How did things go in your world this week? Was there cake?? 😉

Starting 222
Last week 210.6
This week 208.6
Total loss 13.4


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