Happy 5 Months Charlotte!

Now I realize that I never posted Charlotte’s 4 month pictures, but that is because they seriously came off my camera 3 days ago. So, ya. I did do Charlotte’s 4 month layout though and I’ll be sharing that and the template on Tuesday with ya’ll, and I’ve got to say I adore it!

Today though, we did what has become our annual fall family pictures which are the ones that we will use on our Christmas card. Being that we are in Minnesota, fall is just fantastic here and it makes for some of the best pictures. Now, in years past we have use a local photographer, but this year I decided in an effort to save money that I would do the pictures myself. We also invited some friends of ours and I offered to take some pictures of them so we would have someone to push the button for our family shot. Running back and forth from a tripod with a toddler and an infant make for a near impossible shot, so thanks Jenny!

I’ll post more later but here are a few of the little lady as she is 5 months today! Whoa!

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