Template Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks! I used to hate Tuesday’s as it was the day you had to deal with all of the mistakes you made on Monday because well, it was Monday. Now, Tuesday’s are great because that means I (most of the time) have a new template to share with you! This design just kinda popped into my head as I was trying to fall asleep, I seriously almost got out of bed to go scrap. I might have a problem… But that is neither here nor there, so anyway.

This is scrapped with One of Shabby Princess’ NEW KITS! She just release 3 gorgeous kits, and guess what one of them is called Parker. PARKER! How awesome is that?!? I obviously had to buy it immediately, just on principle. The kit I used here is the new Penelope kit. SOOO cute. Also, they have 3 coordinating freebies if you just want to try them out first. (BTW, I don’t get anything for gushing about this stuff. I really just love it that much)

I really adore this layout. I like all of the different papers and because of that I didn’t add any additional elements. I tried playing around with some but everything I put on there just kinda made it look too busy to me. You could certainly do so though. I also like the idea of picking a solid and a patterned paper and alternating. Whatever you do with it, have fun! And please, if you upload it to any site leave a link in the comments as I would LOVE to see it! Or you could even e-mail it too me!

Just click the preview to download the zip file from Media Fire. 🙂

And as always, please remember that these are for personal use only, thanks!



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