Fluffy Friday Week 10

Hi folks! Happy Friday!

Sorry for bailing on you last week. Things have been kinda out of sorts around here, or at least I have been. Not really sure why. I’m struggling with staying on track with everything. I (hadn’t) been working out and frankly didn’t even want to know what the scale said.

I think I am/was beginning to rely too much on breastfeeding for weight loss which should be a bonus and not the main source of calorie burn. I need to get back on track. I’m not exactly sure why I “fell of track” to begin with. Laziness? Crabby infant and angry toddler combo? Eh. But, it’s not as if I like jumped off the path entirely because I was trying (at least a little) with watching my food, but I will admit that I have become way too slack. Maybe since I was still losing weight I let my self think it was okay to eat this or that and not workout. Does any of that make sense? I might just be rambling a bit. I like to do that. Just ask my husband.

So I’ve started C25k again. I went back a week and started on week 3 again. After not running for so long, I needed to ease into it just a bit. It felt good to run again, but it also felt like I had lost any progress I had made. More encouragement to keep at it I guess.

It’s just a quick check in today as I’ve got to get out the door and pick up the party supplies as there is a little man at our house who will be turning 3!

Starting weight 222

2 weeks ago 208.6

This week 207

Total loss 15 lbs (I really love hitting those 5 lb increments)


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